Technical Artist, Volition/THQ
July 2010 - March 2011

  • Saints Row the Third
    • Managed the vehicle art pipeline, maintaining, and creating numerous tools to help the vehicle artists:
      • Managed the vehicle shader library, updating and creating new ones as needed.
      • As with the above, also created numerous tools to help allow the artists to batch adjust colours of the new material system variants, seeing the effects in real time
      • Managed a LOD weight paint tool and updated it for a new game engine.
      • Created a grime painting tool to apply unique, vertex based grime to vehicles.
      • Created a helper creation tool to speed up creation of helper components of a vehicle (headlights, exhaust, door handles, etc.).
      • Collaborated with the other tech artists to create a unified asset checker; I also supplied the vehicle related checks.
    • Wrote various support tools in Python to be used by the environment artists within the CTG World Editor:
      • Created a scene exporter that directly exports a building group from the original asset files to 3D Studio Max for optimization.
      • Updated the “Note” object to support multiple email addresses, external emails, and sending an email to a specific person.
      • Added dockable selection and display filter panels for easier scene management by the artists.
      • Enhanced the display filter to also disable lights (revert to default lighting) in the world to speed up the rendering of large scenes.
      • Updated various objects in the world editor to display additional information such as the joint constraints of hinge helpers between objects.
    • Developed a global unified help system for the project:
      • Intuitive Microsoft OneNote interface allows artists to maintain their collaborative documentation without assistance.
      • Added a help panel to the CTG Editor that provides context sensitive help directly from the help system in real time.
      • Updated various tools in 3D Studio Max to also link directly to any relevant information in the help system.
      • Managed a command reference tool written in Python. It allowed a user to submit commands directly to the consoles without having to remember and type to the command line.