Developer/Technical Artist, NVYVE

July 2013 - Current

  • Event-based Touch system to manage all forms of touch screen interactions. Handles on down, on up, tap, double tap, long press, swipe, drag, pinch and twist.
  • 3rd person camera system, also handles smooth transitions to other targets and positions.
  • Animating UI elements
  • Automatic build versioning.
    • After each build, it will increment a number and use that for the next one.
  • Multi-scene manager, with a master scene handling all the children scenes.
  • Project Tango development
    • Motion/Positional Tracking
    • Point cloud, depth detection
    • Area Definition localization
  • 3D Studio Max to Unity scene export tool
    • By utilizing instances, it will only export the source meshes, reducing the exported FBX size by a significant margin
    • It will write an associated XML layout file that contains the transforms of the instances, as well as the materials on that instance.
    • It will then recreate the scene within Unity, hopefully with the associated materials created so it could be linked up.
  • Colourizes and adds an icon to the Project and Hierarchy windows. Makes it easier to identify important resources or highlight key object types.