3D Modeler/Animator, DragonLance Adventures (mod group/contract)
December 2002 - October 2005

WyvernCrown of Cormyr

  • Pioneered the horse system and a way to swap animation sets on the fly.
  • Art creation of various tilesets and miscellaneous placeables.
  • Mod group initially formed to do a total conversion of the DragonLance adventure series for Neverwinter Nights.
  • Assisted in the development of NWMax, a collection of tools for importing and exporting art assets to NWN.
  • Developed the horse system that eventually got integrated into the core game itself.
  • Frequent collaborator on the forums and greater game community.
  • Group was contracted out by BioWare to produce art content for their Premium Module DLC products, and eventually authored a full DLC module (“Wyvern Crown of Cormyr”).